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April 19, 2024 Friday


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We would love to hear from readers. Your response is welcome, be it praise or criticism. Send your feedback to the following e-mail id:

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For opportunities for advertising or brand integration on the Indian Express Group, one of the largest digital news publishing groups in India, please email:

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Do you want to work with us? Then send your biodata along with the cover letter to the following e-mail id:

For feedback on the content please contact

Anyone wishing to provide feedback should provide the following information about themselves:

– Full name
– Home address
– Email ID
– Mobile number
– Self attested photocopy or scanned copy of government identity card

– Mention the heading and date of publication of the news, article or editor about which you want to give feedback.

– State the words, sentences in the news, article or editorial about the complaint

– Complain in 500 words

– If there are any documents or court orders in this regard, mention them and attach the relevant documents.

– All the information and documents given along with the feedback are complete and true and give a written guarantee that there is nothing untrue in it with your own signature.

Please note that the feedback should be given by the person who has been personally and directly harmed by the factors mentioned in the feedback. Feedback should not be biased and annoying, meaningless or irrelevant

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